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02/10/09 09:13 PM #32    

Meredith Kamm (Caruso)

Hey Rebecca:

Just wanted to say that I, too, rememeber the reading in turn out loud and can still sense the stress it caused me. I HATED doing that! You hit the nail on the head when you talked out counting the desks in front of you to find out what portion you would have to read so you could " silently practice". That sucked bad! I ended up having some kind of special reading class because I could not comprehend what I read. I still struggle with that today. All because of taking turns reading out loud!!! Okay maybe not but it sounds good. I can't spell worth a flip either :).

Do any of you JR/Harrison people remember doing some little play or something where we dressed up as our favorite books? We wore decorated card board boxes painted with the book cover. Well, as some of you may rememeber(view elementary pictures for proof) I was not the smallest child (or young adult for that matter). I loved the story of Charolet's Web and that book cover was what I dressed up in. Some kind adult opted to place a prop of a PIG on top of my box (shoulders). There you have the little fat girl with the PIG next to her face. Wasn't that special? What were they thinking??? I need to look for that picture. Oh the joys of memories. :) Mere

02/11/09 11:15 PM #33    

Connie Johnson

Meredith, I bet you were really cute! I hope you post that picture, that would be fun to see! I have some pictures from Point Comfort Elementary I need to post, gosh we were all cute with such big heads compared to our bodies, and how did we get to be...this age? You reminded me of school plays...I am still proud to have been the letter "S" in S-A-F-E-T-Y! That was the highlight of my acting career. I also seem to recall we all did some kind of dance production to "Lets Get Physical" anyone else remember that?

As for reunion dates, I would very much like to see you all, unfortunately Uncle Sam has me "committed" after 20 with a straight jacket and padded walls, though although I suspect some elements of that are true.

02/12/09 10:40 AM #34    

' Class Of 88 Rep

Darcie from '88 here, checking on the underclassmen. LOL

May I suggest that you start calling facilities, and see what is available? That will help narrow down your dates. When we started in March, we found that we had a grand total of 3 weekends to choose from! Summer weddings book everything up early.

Also, some of you have been asking about wanting to see '88 profiles. I have been trying to set up a mulit-class site for us to share. I will need help from your administrator(s) in order to get it done. However, your reunion is a higher priority right now. In the meantime, Rebecca Statler Ellard has started a group on Facebook. She named it the Calhoun Class of 1988, but it is open for everyone to join. Come check it out. Maybe you can network your way around to find those you want to reconnect with.

02/16/09 01:51 PM #35    

Ginger Ruddick (Pullin)


I should have been in that performance. I do remember, let's get phsyical! Oh my goodness. We had a complete routine to that song! How popular that song was and how we all wanted to look like Olivia Newton John!

My next question is: Is there a committee for the reunion? What help is needed. Let me know.

02/16/09 10:11 PM #36    

Jennifer Ochoa (Molina)

To my Jackson/Crockett peeps,
I recently received word that a former classmate of ours, Tammy Flores-Hoff, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She started her first chemo treatment last week. After 6 months of chemo, she will undergo a bilateral mastectomy. Her family is asking for prayers for her recovery. I am in the process of trying to get her email address. If you want it so u can send her your own message, let me know. Keep her in your thoughts & prayers.


02/20/09 10:50 AM #37    

Theresa Rodriguez (Cashio)

Personally i would like to have a DJ instead of a band. The cost is WAY more reasonable and they play more variety of music. We are looking into what dates are open in late summer and early fall. I will post them as soon as I can. We need volunteers to sign up and help us start planning now!

Also, Jennifer spent almost 6 months tracking down classmates for the 15 year reunion. She can certainly use some help with that this year.

It is important that we reach out to all our "classmates" not just the ones we keep up with. There were several classmates stating last time "OH I'M INVITED THIS TIME?"

Just a thought!

02/21/09 07:24 PM #38    

Rebecca Hengst (Atherton)

I joined the Class of '88 group on Facebook, but not before joining the Class of 1988 group from Calhoun, Georgia! If someone creates a group for 1989 please tell me! =D

Facebook is fun and even my hubby has an account. He graduated in 1989 from San Marcos High School so we are BOTH coming up on our 20 year! :O

Look for us on Facebook: Rodney Atherton and Rebecca Atherton.

02/22/09 02:07 PM #39    

Jennifer Ochoa (Molina)



02/23/09 08:26 AM #40    

Shannon Spree

I found out last Thursday that Shelly Pate is in Little Rock, AR. I will ask her brother if he can let her know about our site or give me her address.

02/27/09 10:45 PM #41    

Jennifer Ochoa (Molina)


PORT LAVACA - Eugene Dale Sumpter, 86, of Port Lavaca, passed away Feb. 21, 2009. He was born Oct. 20, 1922, in Brownwood, to the late Jim and Ethel Sumpter. Gene was an educator and loved to work with children. He also deeply enjoyed baseball and his Chicago Cubs. During WWII, he served his country as an Army soldier, and upon returning from overseas began to serve his community.
Gene is survived by his wife, Belle Sumpter of Port Lavaca; his two sons, Dale Sumpter and David Sumpter, both from Houston; and his two brothers, Deward Sumpter of Oakland, Calif. and Hubert Sumpter of Georgetown.
A time of visitation will be held 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 at Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home. Graveside services will follow at 2 p.m. at Greenlawn Gardens Cemetery.
Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements. 361-552-2988.

03/02/09 01:48 PM #42    

Rebecca Hengst (Atherton)

I loved Mr. Sumpter. He had rock star status in my elementary eyes. Thanks for the links, for keeping us informed, and bringing back memories.

03/02/09 08:53 PM #43    

John Rodriguez

Mr. Sumpter was a great principal. He was very happy, alway in a good mood, a big encourager to the kids. He didn't even give me licks when I fought with Ramiro (?) in 5th grade at the bike rack.

03/03/09 04:28 AM #44    

Chris French (French)

I remember Mr Sumpter always waving or stopping to talk to us when we walked or rode our bicycles by his house. I wish there were more educators like him. I remember one time he even taught one of our classes when an emergency occurred with the teacher. Not sure you would see a principal do that today.

03/03/09 07:34 AM #45    

Meredith Kamm (Caruso)

I attempted to inform Chris Lerma of the class website but I see he still has a picture up. I know Tom Batts keeps in touch with him. Any other thoughts? Mere

03/03/09 10:29 AM #46    

Margaret Loflin

Wanted ya'll to know I am would love to help with planning. Just give me a couple of days notice so I can drive in from Corpus. Calling is the easiest way to get a hold of me! Margaret

03/04/09 05:25 PM #47    

Jason Mayfield

Hello Everyone I have been at home the last few days with the flu, and completely bored out of my mind. I am glad that I found this site. I knew that our 20 year was at hand. Although I was not very popular and my best friends were in the class of "90" It is really good to be able to see pictures and get caught up on everyone. Since my wife is a photographer, I have been forced into loving it as well, so portraits mean a great deal to me and I have looked through everyones pictures and really enjoyed seeing everyone and their families. Susan and I plan on attending the 20 year class reunion. I hope to see many of you there.

Be Blessed
Jason Mayfield

03/11/09 05:39 PM #48    

Rebecca Hengst (Atherton)

I volunteered to be a part of the search party on the hunt to find "missing" members of our graduating class. I need some help helping. If anyone else volunteered for this can we put our heads together and knock this list out more quickly? Shoot me an e mail: or 573-7741 if you would like to help OR if you have any leads. Thank you. =D

P.S. If you know of any fellow graduates please send them to so they can register and be "found." If they can't register online we need their physical address, e mail address, and phone number. Thanks for your help!

04/12/09 10:01 AM #49    

Renee Faifer (Pollok)

Good morning all! Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

04/15/09 08:35 AM #50    

Rebecca Hengst (Atherton)

Well, we might be moving into a new home (close at the end of THIS month) and getting this one ready to sell. I'm gonna get really busy with moving and painting for the next few months if someone would like to help or take over the search party. The only thing that I have done is to put a little info in the PL Wave and something on the Advocate Online. Am I the only one who volunteered to help? Thanks to those of you who sent wonderful leads. I could pass those on if someone would like...

07/07/09 11:26 PM #51    

Kenneth Janis

I'm suprised at the number of Toyota truck fans. Who would have thunk it?

07/22/09 05:35 PM #52    

Brian Campbell

So, what's on the official agenda for reunion weekend? Football? Fair? Cruisin' the loop? Party at the beach? ;)


07/22/09 05:59 PM #53    

Brian Campbell

Btw, any Houston-area folks interested in a mini-reunion get together? I'm on the northwest side (Cypress), but just about anywhere in the Houston area is convenient.


10/20/09 11:23 AM #54    

Renee Faifer (Pollok)

I just wanted to say thank you......... to all of those that put the reunion together! You did an awesome job! looking forwad to the next one!

10/20/09 03:07 PM #55    

Anna Arredondo (Walker)

I saw all of the pictures that have posted on the site. You guys look amazing! I am so jealous! I can't til the next one. If you have more pics please share. I miss you guys! Take Care!

01/12/19 06:38 PM #56    

Connie Johnson

For those of you who are not connected to our class page on Facebook:   Just a heads up that our 30 Year Class Reunion planning has begun, it looks like October timeframe, I'm sure more to follow but now is the time to get involved with planning, hope to see you there!  

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