Brad Dietz

Profile Updated: January 13, 2019
Residing In: Zionsville, IN USA
Spouse/Partner: Eva Simon
Occupation: Business Analyst
Children: Alex Born 1998
Kylen Richardson - Stepson and a United States Marine
Emma May - adopted June More…2017 passed away from SCIDs in February 2018
Josef - adopted in November 2018
Yes! Attending Reunion

Well I guess you can say that my life has been the roller coaster like many of yours. Full of ups and downs, good decisions and bad. But all in all the ride so far has been quite fun. Here are just a few of the more memorable and exciting moments from the ride.

I have skiied the mountains of Colorado. (well it was more me eating half the mountains in colorado.) One observation on skiing - little kids, with thier low center of gravity, should not be allowed to show up any adult when skiing. Seen both both the pacific and atlantic oceans. Been to the happiest place on earth in florida, twice. And nearly threw up after riding Mission Space. Been to the jungle room in Graceland. Even worked with the Policeman that protected Elvis's body when he died. And yes he is dead. I have seen the pictures. Spent my spring breaks in college with Kenneth, John, Ross, and Patrick at his family fayetteville ranch always asking the question "Y". (Guys I miss those days) I have sat on the Throne of Scotland, even rubbed elbows with the body guards of prince charles in the queens galleries off buckingham palace. Well it was more of having my girlfriend at the time push them out of the way to get to the post cards on the other side of the shop. Not realizing that we passed within two feet of Prince Charles and his sister. Not fun having your life flash before your eyes when the guards start showing you their Uzi's under their jackets. Had lunch at the Planet Hollywood, while sitting next to Kojak, Telli Savales, a year before he died. Plus, at the same time, got to see the Barbi twins up close and personal. Ladies, none of you have anything to worry about with them they are extremely butt ugly up close. Celebrated New Year's in Trafalgar Square with about a half a million people. Watched from London as the Berlin Wall fell and the execution of the dictator of Romania, when thier government fell. And there was no censorship of the video of the execution, was the first time I ever thought of throwing up. Found the red light district by accident while on a outing with my mother. That is a story I will leave for another time. Still have not been able to find the map that I marked the street on. I believe there is a parental conspiracy on that. Been to the top of the Eiffel tower. Walked the Chanz de leaie(forgive my spelling) Saw a model shoot at that time praying that the pineapple that covered the assets of the half naked model would suddenly fall. Took my kids to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, And no I did not go Downtown to the french quarter with them just stayed in the outside parishes that are more family friendly. Went back to New Orleans after Katrina to help a hospital with the setup of it's Computer network. And pictures do not do the devastation justice. Have done the tour of our nations capital many times. And I have realized that when living in a rural setting like I do. It is best to keep the thrash can lids on tight. So that when you go out at night to get a beer from the beer fridge in the garage you do not scream like a little girl when being approached by a big furry raccoon after you scare it. I will swear to this day that the thing was ten feet tall. My boys on the other hand, laughing the entire time, will tell you it was only about a foot and a half.

Well a few changes have happened to my life since I have posted this some years ago. I have married the only woman to ever steal my heart. We met in London back in 1990 at a high school party that my brother and sister took me too. I was a little drunk at the time, well ok a lot drunk at the time. Her and I dated while I traveled over each Xmas and Summer holidays. Since the internet didn't exist and my parents moved away we lost touch. Then 22 years later we found each other again on Facebook. Thanks to my Brother. We reconnected and a year later we were married. Since that time I have traveled a couple of times to London to visit her folks, Cologne to visit her extended family, and partied at Oktoberfest in Munich with our friends. Since we just got back I have sworn off beer for at least 2 weeks. Unfortunately we will not make it back to the 25th reunion due to me using my vacation time to go to Oktoberfest.... Sorry had some priorities.

School Story:

My favorite time in high school happened the same day. It was when I had John R. on my shoulders pretending to be Ken Cunnigham for the senior day skits.

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